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This User Guide is intended to help you use the wide range of technology provided by RCS.

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New Faculty Checklist

As you are getting started at Riverdale, please use these items as a checklist; if you are comfortable performing each of these tasks/using these services, you should be all set for daily success.

Email and Collaboration Using Google Apps

Application Sub-tasks
  • Access e-mail
  • Organize e-mail using filters
  • Create contact groups
  • Using RCS Google Groups
Google Docs/Drive
  • Store your files
  • Create a doc, sheet, slide, form
  • Organize files
  • Access shared/Riverdale documents
Google Calendar
Google Groups
  • Access RCS Groups
  • Share information using Groups
  • Manage settings of your Groups
  • Request access to a Group

Storage and Backup

Application Sub-tasks
Drive Storage
  • Use your unlimited space to store files
  • Manage the desktop version of Drive
Spanning Backup
  • Access deleted content from Google Drive, Mail, Sites, Contacts and Calendar
Time Machine
  • Back up all content on your Mac

Software and Services

Application Sub-tasks
  • Identify software you will need
  • Download and install necessary software
  • Request additional software
  • Get online with any device on campus
  • Locate printers available on campus
  • Add RCS printers
  • Print from any device on campus

Digital Academic Resources

Application Sub-tasks
  • Access Moodle, our learning management system
  • Set up your courses for the Fall
  • Build content and organize your course
  • Log into FAWeb
  • Take attendance
  • Enter grades
  • Log into
  • Find tutorial videos on various topics

If you have any suggestions for this page, or require further assistance, please submit a Tech Support Request.