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Schoology is our new Learning Management System!

Lots more info coming soon, but this should get you started on the path to Schoology mastery.

First Login

Here's the easiest method to sign in on a computer:

  1. Sign into
  2. Click the Schoology button

You can also sign in at with your Riverdale e-mail address and password.

iOS Login

  1. Select "Username Login"

  2. Type "Riverdale Country School" in the School field
    Riverdale.jpg 3.jpg

  3. Log in with your Riverdale Google e-mail address and password


Finding an archived course

Schoology automatically "archives" courses from the previous year. To find your previous courses, see these instructions.

Building a course during summer vacation, then transferring its content to your automatically-created course

You can build course content in Schoology before our official courses are automatically created. When our auto-created courses are ready you can transfer all of your course content to it. This will allow you to teach the course To do this:

  1. Follow Schoology's instructions here on course creation.
    • When naming the course, call it "template - course name," e.g. "template - Science 8"
  2. When ready to transfer, follow the "saving to resources" and "using resources in a course" sections below.

Posting an Assignment: Workflow

In Schoology, you can set a due date and give feedback/grades on:

  • Assignments
  • Discussions

When giving an assignment in Schoology, you should use one of these. You should not just upload files with assignment instructions, make Pages, or write text instructions through another Schoology feature.

Create your assignment


Will your students turn in anything via Schoology?

  • No?
    • Uncheck the Submissions button and skip the gradebook step

Uncheck submissions.png

  • Yes?
    • Continue below

Are you using the gradebook in Schoology?

  • No?
    • Leave category defaulted to "ungraded"


  • Yes?
    • Assign a category


Decide on due date and time:

  • 11:59pm the night before
    • Fewer changes to make as this is the default time; will mark students' work late if completed before class on the due date.
  • 8:25am the day of
    • Allows you to use a consistent time; will mark students' work late if completed before class on the due date.
  • Class start time
    • Requires you to change the time every day, dependent on the class schedule
  • 3:30 the day of
    • Allows you to use a consistent time; will not flag late work if completed after class and before 3:30

Editing Multiple Assignments

The Bulk Edit feature is located in the Gradebook and Materials Index. This feature allows you to adjust settings associated with graded assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions from a single page.

To access Bulk Edit from the Gradebook, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Courses area on the top menu.
  2. Click into a course you administer.
  3. Click on the Gradebook area on the left menu of the course profile.
  4. Click on the Options button (3 vertical dots).
  5. Select the Bulk Edit option from the dropdown menu.
Bulk unpublish or delete.png

To access Bulk Edit from the Materials Index, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Courses area on the top menu.
  2. Click into a course you administer.
  3. Click on the Assignments Index or Tests/Quizzes Index.
  4. Click on the Bulk Edit button near the top of the index.

Saving to Resources

You save Course Materials to Resources in order to:

  • Save and organize your course files separately from your archived courses
  • Share Resources with others (via Groups)

Follow Schoology's instructions here.

Using saved Resources in a Course

Saved resources (Personal or Group) can be imported into courses. You can bring in whole folders or just individual Resources.

  1. In your course, either click "Add Resources" or click the line between your existing course materials.
  2. Select "Import from Resources."
  3. Browse to your desired Resources and select them with the checkboxes on the left.
  4. Click "Import."

Privacy settings

Consider doing the following if you want to prevent students from seeing course materials until school starts:

  1. Click into course privacy

  2. Set content privacy settings to "no one"

Make sure you change these back by start of school so students can see your course content!

Copying a course (e.g. ILS Q2/Q4)

Duplicating a course for use next year? Don't do this. You'll usually want to selectively copy course materials to Resources, organize them there, and copy them to a new course in the fall.

However, there are certain situations in which copying a course mid-year makes sense. Our ILS Q2/Q4 teacher swap is one of these.

Follow these steps to duplicate a current course for use with other students than those currently auto-enrolled.

Sgy duplicate course 1.png

Sgy duplicate course 2.png

Sgy duplicate course 3.png

You might have a short delay before the course is available. Once it is, it'll show up as just another course with you as the teacher. You can click into it and manipulate it like any other course.

You'll now need to manually enroll your students (course main page > "Members" link at left), or they'll need to use the Access Code to join (any course page > green Access Code box).

Note: do NOT edit the name of your original course (e.g. C1 - Q1/Q3). Doing this will irreparably sever the very fabric of space-time and we might even need to reset your password.

Grading periods

A small number of Schoology Courses (ILS, and perhaps others) are currently associated with the Fall grading period, but not Spring. If this issue is affecting a course you teach, you will see a banner across the top announcing “This course is associated with grading periods that will end on Jan 20, 2017. It will remain available in the "Archived" area of "Courses".

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
Schoology grading period 1.png Schoology grading period 2.png

Here's some general info on using Schoology.

General use

Join our Getting Started Schoology Course. When logged in, select "Courses" and "Join." You'll enter this code when prompted: KBZ8J-JDX3Z Each folder in the course is stocked with information and tutorials on setting up your own courses and utilizing all of Schoology's features.

This is a good (and quick) getting started guide.

Schoology's official help pages for teachers.

If you prefer video learning, go here (though it doesn't cover exactly the same content as above).

This is an extensive guide from the East Irondequoit Central School District. Great coverage of a lot that you need to know, but ignore the school-specific details.


Group info


Install the iOS or Android apps on your devices. To log in via iOS, select Riverdale Country School from the "school" menu and then log in on the new screen with your Riverdale e-mail and password.

Courses and other info

Courses become visible on Labor Day. For now, you might want to start customizing your profile.

In case you want more info: Schoology's official help page for students.