Get your Google Apps E-mail (Gmail), Contacts, and Calendars on your mobile device

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Google has comprehensive documentation on how to sync your Riverdale applications between your laptop/desktop device and your mobile phone. We recommend these resources

Riverdale School Calendars

Please refer to our List of Riverdale School Calendars for instructions on how to access school, room, and resource calendars.

IMAP Settings

There aren't any Riverdale-specific IMAP settings, so please reference the ones in the help pages below. Just be sure to type your full e-mail address ( and not just your RCS username. If you have any trouble, submit a Tech Support Request.

Mac and Win OS

Go here for instructions.


Please refer to Google's documentation on how to Use Google Apps on Android

Google Hangouts for Android Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble receiving notifications in Hangouts? Follow the steps below:

1. Access phone settings through the drop down menu (scroll the screen down with your finger)

Hangout App Step 1.png

2. Select "Applications" which should be under the "Device" category.

Hangout App Step 2.png

3. From there find and select "Google Hangouts" and you'll be taken to the application info page. Select disable from there.

Hangout App Step 3.png

4. You'll get a notification with a warning about disabling built in apps. Select disable to continue

Hangout App Step 4.png

5. You'll then be asked to replace the app with the factory version. Select ok.

Hangout App Step 5.png

6. Now enable the app.

Hangout App Step 6.png

7. Open it and either select a preexisting message thread or create a new one using the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Hangout App Step 7.png

8. Select ok when the notification to update the app appears.

Hangout App Step 8.png

9. You'll then be redirected to the google playstore. Select update for "Hangouts" then open once its completed.

Hangout App Step 9.png

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The App Store offers a free Gmail app, from Google, which allows you to access your Riverdale Gmail account without any of the complicated configuration required when using the iOS Mail app. It has many of the features of the desktop browser Gmail experience, and is fully compatible with Riverdale Gmail.

Mail/IMAP Settings

IMAP settings can be found here.

Contacts/CardDAV Settings

Sync contacts with your Apple device here.

Calendar/CalDAV settings

Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet here.


Windows Phone

Other Mobile OSes