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Developer Moodle
Name Moodle
Blurb From the Moodle Home Page: Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. Check out the Moodle Demonstration Courses or read the latest Moodle Buzz
Where? See full matrix
Availability Free

  • We have a brand new Moodle installation that runs way faster than the last.
  • Our site theme works great on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • We’ve cleaned out all our old courses to speed up page loads.

What's with this page?

It's a "category" page, used to group a number of other pages about a certain topic. You'll find all of our pages about Moodle at the bottom.

Where to find Moodle - this year's Moodle site - our archive site with last year's classes - previous years' archive

If you see slowness on the new site, please follow these instructions (or let us know if you need help) to speed it up. It takes about 5 minutes and is totally worth doing. Because you really, really can speed up Moodle. Really.

What our new Moodle means for all teachers

Teachers who wish to reuse content from previous Moodle courses will want to watch this video for a walkthrough, or visit our documentation for written instructions.

Student Moodle accounts are created and enrollments are updated when the student logs in. This means teachers won’t see their students until they’ve logged into our new Moodle site for the first time.

Your students won't see your courses until you've made them public. Be sure to follow our Critical setup instructions when you're ready to let students into your course.

What our new Moodle means for students

Student Moodle accounts are created upon first login to our new site.

You'll see your courses when your teachers make them visible, usually in early September or January.

What students need to do:

Log in to Moodle as soon as possible. To login:

  2. Click “Log in” in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Enter your domain credentials (username & password) and then click “Log in”.

Moodle training videos

Prefer to watch videos rather than read our Knowledgebase? Here are some Moodle instructional videos that will help you get going.

Note: Some of the resources below link to If you haven't already, click here and go to the bottom of our page to sign up for a Riverdale account.