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Calendar Sharing Options for Google Apps

Calendar Sharing Directions

  1. Open your Riverdale Google Calendar.
  2. In the left column of the Calendar window locate the “My calendars” list.
  3. Click the down-facing triangle to the calendar you want to share.
  4. In the pop-up window that opens, click “Share this Calendar".
  5. Make sure the "Share this calendar with others" box is checked. The "Share this calendar with everyone in the organization" box should also be checked.
  6. Decide how you want Riverdale users to see your events from the drop down menu.
  7. If you want to share your calendar with specific Riverdale users/groups, such as colleagues or members of your department, add the appropriate email in the "Share with specific people" section and set the correct permission settings.
  8. Remember to click the SAVE button located at the top or bottom of the window!

Removing someone from your shared calendar

Removing someone from your shared calendar is easy. Click here for directions.

Calendar Sharing Help Resources from Google

Click here to access Google's "Share your Calendar" help and support documentation.

Allow Someone to Manage your Calendar

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Under the Share with Specific People tab, enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to share your calendar with.
  3. Choose the appropriate Permission Settings for that person.